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'The Simpsons' gets two more seasons: Are YOU still watching?

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Simpsons_l_2The news wasn’t shocking, but certainly enough to make fans shout “Woohoo!”: Fox has renewed The Simpsons for two additional seasons, which means that we will be treated to at least 493 episodes of Homer’s odysseys. (The network couldn’t have picked up seven extra episodes to make it an even 500? C’mon!) Currently in its 20th season and averaging 8.7 million viewers, the animated series is already the longest-running prime-time comedy ever. And while The Simpsons no longer carries the must-see clout it did in the ’90s, it can still pack a punchline. (I’m definitely hoping the writers will huddle again soon to whip up another movie.)

What do you think? Are you happy that that the Springfield gang will live to see a few more years? Will you hang in there until the bitter end? Let’s play a little game called Guess How Many Episodes The Simpsons Will Make. You write your prediction below, and many moons from now when we learn the answer, maybe we’ll award the winner something cool, like a case of Duff beer.

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