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'American Idol': When did I start rooting for perky teenagers?

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I will start this post-episode blog item with an apology: I am sorry for leaving Allison Iraheta and Mishavonna Henson off this week’s American Idol Power List. Granted, we hadn’t gotten to hear much of the bright-eyed young contestants during the first six weeks of Idol‘s eighth season, but after their respective performances tonight of “Alone” (which, coincidentally, tops my gallery of  songs that must be banned from Idol) and “Drops of Jupiter,” I’m officially a fan of both. A big fan. A fan who might need to take the next 15 minutes or so and engage in some deeply em  barrassing fanboyish speed-dialing on their behalf. Because, really, Allison and Mishavonna need all the help they can get, seeing as how the judges all but put a “Reserved for Adam Lambert” sign on one of the three Silver Stools of Safety for tomorrow night’s results show, despite the raven-haired one’s TMTH treatment of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.” Do Paula, Randy, and Kara truly think Adam’s the second coming of Mick Jagger, or are their annual bonuses somehow attached to them cheering hardest and loudest for the contestants who’ve already received the most inordinate amount of airtime this season? Okay, okay, so I’m a conspiracy theorist. But if Lil Rounds gets the pimp spot next week, then it proves the fact that just because I’m imagining treachery doesn’t mean it’s not actually occurring. Anyhow, time for me to get down with the get down and write my full TV Watch recap of tonight’s show. Check back for it around 6 a.m., and until then, tune in below to the two most recent episodes of Idolatry. (Or as Blake Lewis would call it: I-i-i-i-i-idoaltry.) Respeck.

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