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Kiss me! I'm a terrible-sounding new reality contest show

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Frenchkiss_lFile under “I thought I’d heard it all…”: The producers of Wife Swap are in the process of creating an American version of French Kiss, in which men compete to kiss as many women as possible over the course of a few days. The French series, 5 Frenchies a Miami, sent, you guessed it, five brosephs to Miami, without money, possessions, or a place to stay. According to TV Week, “the men struggle to stay ‘kissable,’ taking showers at the beach and begging for money.” And presumably kisses.

My first reaction: This is going to inspire an excellent episode of Law & Order. If those “high school clique/frat boys run a contest to sleep with the most girls” stories can generate this many episodes of cop shows, I think “reality show gone round the bend” is really promising. Next reaction: Groooooan. “Smooch me, I’m in a kissing contest” is a pretty standard adolescent scheme to just get smooched. It’s like planning out what’s going to happen in a game of truth or dare.* Which…great, that’s so going to be the next reality show. After that, it’ll be Seven Minutes in Heaven: Cancun, and Spin the Bottle: Celebrity Edition, and then nine intolerable seasons of You Look Tense; Let Me Give You a Back Rub.

Okay, PopWatchers, what’s your gut reaction to a kissing contest reality show? Are you puckering up, or is smooch landing squarely on your cheek?

*Best episode of Undeclared, hands down.

addCredit(“Simon Marcus/Corbis”)