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Jonas Brothers movie: On the scene at the G-rated Hollywood premiere

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Jonasbros_lIt seemed ironic that on Fat Tuesday, the last hedonistic day of Mardi Gras, I attended what will probably be the most wholesome premiere of the year for Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. There was no after party, no alcohol, no skanks trying to sneak in, no fights, no entitled agent types ignoring or backtalking to the security guards when asked to keep moving down the purple carpet, and no profanity — not even when the first row of fans was smooshedagainst the barricade by the latecomers when Demi Lovato stopped topose for cell phone photos. For goodness sake, the event was even sponsored by Kraft American Cheese Singles.

Hundreds of screaming tweens lined both sides of Hollywood Boulevard, wearing their hand-bedazzled shirts and waving their homemade signs in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Disney-made sibling trio — or, better yet, of getting them to put pen to skin and autograph their…hands. In the official fan section, contest winners had come from far (London) and wide (Texas) eager to earn the five coveted tickets to sit through the film. An El Paso, Tex., mother of two, Heidi Martinez, claimed she was actually having fun. “My kids liked them first, but now my husband and I both have Jonas CDs in our car. This is something we could do together. It’s harmless fun.”

The volume went up a notch as Disney Channel regulars, Dancing With the Starshoofers, George Lopez, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, Lovato, andeventually the men of hour stepped into the spotlight.“This is what our lives are like every day, and that’s what we tried toshow in the movie. You kinda get used to it,” Joe Jonas said before hisbrother Nick polished up his sentiments. “But we still appreciate allof them. It is the best thing in the world to have fans that come outand show you love.”

addCredit(“Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com”)

The lovefest continued during the screening, which featured perhaps the most audience participation(clapping and singing along) since Rocky Horror. And the placewent bonkers when the 3-D camera followed the band backstage for acostume change and we got to see the top half of their divine rock bods.Honestly, I have always written them off as this generation’s RickSpringfield, New Kids on the Block or ‘N Sync. But as I walked out with mycollectible white Ray-Ban-ish 3-D glasses, branded popcorn bucket, andKevin-head-on-a-stick mask, I realized I didn’t hate it. I may haveeven tapped my toes a little.

And you, PopWatchers? Are you excited to see Nick’s pick fly at you from the screen? If given the opportunity, would you have stood on the street all day for a shot at a free T-shirt and a high five from the band? And who do you think is more dedicated to their cause — Twihards or Team Jonas?