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'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All': Trysts, Trista, and not enough Tooth Nazi

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Here are a few things I don’t need taking up space in my head: The fact that Natalie doesn’t like being splashed with water. The image of Jason going to ”first base” — which I’m pretty sure is his code for ”full-on intercourse” — in a tent with anyone. And finally, lines of poetry written by Trista’s sensitive firefighter husband Ryan. But guess what, Bachelor fans, that’s exactly what’s filling up my noggin after tonight’s Women Tell All placeholder special. The reunion is a necessary evil — ABC’s gotta drag the season out as long as possible — but I have to say I was hoping for a little more from tonight’s show. For more on that, click over to my TV Watch. But in the meantime, let me know what you thought of tonight’s WTA extravaganza — were you, like me, sorely disappointed not to hear more from the season’s craziest ”ladies,” including my beloved Tooth Nazi? If so, here’s something to boost your spirits — The Doll Bachelor: The Women Tell All, featuring a very special guest voice by Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Enjoy!