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'The Hills' season 5 trailer: Interchangeable with every other season!

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Last night on The City After Show (yes, as in one of thoserecap shows where MTV emcees Jessi and Dan make fun of the night’sepisode using their screechiest voices), a trailer for season 5 of The Hills — or as I like to call it, The Hills: Does Anybody Out There Still Care? — premiered.

In it, Lauren analyzes her friendships, Stephanie gossips, Lo asksphilosophical questions, Audrina stares blankly, Brody acts as ashoulder to cry on, Spencer starts fights, and Heidi cries about losingher “favorite memory,” a.k.a. Lauren.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one experiencing deja vu here. The above description can be used for just about any season of The Hillsthus far, so what about the trailer is supposed to be enticing? Whycan’t we see new excitement (i.e. Lauren’s supposed relationship with My Boys‘ Kyle Howard. Or heck, even Audrina’s house getting robbed)?

Check out the preview below, and let us know your thoughts about yetanother season of the reality show: will you still be watching comethis spring when it returns because you just can’t not watch? Or are you as over the Hills gang as you are with Heidi’s hideous manicures?