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Stewart, Colbert, Kimmel: Who will make the best Oscar jokes tonight?

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With Dave, Jay, and Craig in reruns, Conan packing up for L.A., and Jimmy Fallon waiting to move in, the late-night schedule is mostly reruns tonight. This leaves a huge post-Oscar-night joke-gap. I want to hear the annual wrap-up thoughts from the night-time guys who read the jokes for a living, don’t you?

This means we must place our faith in Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel, all putting on fresh shows this evening. My guess is that Stewart, as a former Oscar host himself, will come out punching with the best material, followed closely by Colbert. (Who will make the best retort to Hugh Jackman’s “The musical is back!” manifesto? Who will dissect Sean Penn’s acceptance speech most amusingly?)

I enjoyed ABC’s promo for Jimmy Kimmel:

… but I’ll be curious to see if Kimmel can follow up with material as strong as Stewart and Colbert.

What do you think? Who’s your go-to guy when the other chat hosts take the week off?