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Large families on TV

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Large families on TV

Got octuplet fever? Our five fave supersize clans.

1. 7th Heaven
Pick up the season 8 DVD March 3 and you’ll get ample doses of the following: values, heart, growing pains, and ?Ashlee Simpson as ?the janitor’s daughter — original nose included!

2. Big Love
Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we say ”I do” in threes. Start with season 1 to see? the family saga unfurl.

3. The Waltons
After Big Love you’ll need something vanilla.

4. The Cosby Show
By the end, there was a whole mess of folks crammed into the Huxtable brownstone (kids, grandkids, random cousins…). We dig the 25th-anniversary edition.

5. Jon & Kate Plus 8
Season 3 is when the boys get potty-trained. (Is that creepy? Sorry.)