February 20, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

She’s never met a skimpy outfit — or someone else’s husband — she didn’t like.

Her Bathing-Suit Car Wash
Edie announces she’s back on the block after a five-year absence in leopard-print, high-heeled style.

Her Attempted ”Suicide”
She fakes her hanging after Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) dumps her for Gabrielle (Eva Longoria Parker).

Her Successful Arson
Karl (Richard Burgi) rejects her after sleeping with Teri Hatcher’s Susan, so Edie torches her frenemy’s home.

Her Bedside Manner
Susan catches Edie atop amnesiac Mike in his hospital bed.

Her Ouster
The four fed-up Housewives strut down to Edie’s to kick her out of the clique — no talking, no waving, no poker.

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