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Britney Spears: Her son's tour blog

What the pop star’s son Sean Preston might write about life on the road

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Britney Spears: Her son’s tour blog

Britney Spears is taking her sons — Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2 — along on her upcoming Circus tour. EW has somehow discovered Sean’s tour blog — several weeks before it will be written.

March 3
New Orleans
Had our first groupie playdate today. Tons of young chicks. Crazy young. Some even younger than me. But all told, it was far less cool than The Dirt had led me to believe, and someone broke my Megatron.

March 30
Plane hit turbulence, and when he thought we might go down, Jimmy the Roadie admitted to stealing my Lunchables. Oh yeah, Houston? Sucks. At least from the air.

April 14
Salt Lake City
On the bus, I played I Spy with Jimmy the Roadie. He said, ”I spy a VH1 reality show in your future.” I said, ”I spy a shallow grave off the interstate near Provo.” He got quiet. Then he said, ”You’re precocious, little man,” and I said, ”Those Lunchables are in my rider. You don’t have a rider, jackass. I’m your motherfudging rider.”

April 6
Edmonton, Canada
After the show, Mommy took us to the hottest club in Edmonton: Applebee’s. The Canucks wouldn’t leave us alone until we all put gravy on our fries. Mommy signed so many hockey sticks that night, while I knocked back round after round of those awful gravy fries. Milestone: I dropped my first tab of Alka-Seltzer in the bathroom.

April 14
Tonight, on the bus…I had two babysitters. At the same time. One of them watched TV, and the other one ate ice cream and talked to her boyfriend on the phone. This life is crazy.

May 2
Mohegan Sun Arena
Oh my gosh. After hearing it 900 times, I think I just figured out what ”If You Seek Amy” really means.