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'Bones' recap: Hey, that episode didn't suck!

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Bones_lFinally, an episode of Bones in 2009 that I wouldn’t have been sorry to tell a new viewer to watch. (See not: the circus, the ice rink, and the sinking ship.) Reading the comments each week, I know that some of you agree with me that this series has been missing something as of late (like solid writing in the cases, which I believe enhances the character development when your characters are supposed to be the best at what they do). I also know that some of you disagree with me and love how “character-driven” the series has become. While those folks are wrong — KIDDING, kinda — I do love that we’re having this debate. Not because I’m a masochist who likes someone to tell her that she doesn’t “get” a show that she’s seen every episode of, but because we’ve all earned the right to express our opinions on a show that we’ve invested 73 hours of our lives in. So let’s keep the conversation flowing.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program… Last night’s episode wouldn’t make my Top 10 list or anything, but people were actually working. Except for Booth. But at least this time his crazytalk had a chemical origin — yay Vicodin! Seeley had reinjured his back by falling asleep on his couch watching “the game,” which is an acceptable way for Booth to be portrayed as a man’s man, unlike that Beer Helmet he wore in the bathtub in Season 3. (Oh, I can bring it up every post if I want to.) He answered his door in his shirt, tie, and boxers to show us how comfortable he is around Brennan, and so it’d look even more intimate/ridiculous when he sweet-talked her into fixing his back like she’d done before. She aggravated the injury, and he was put on bedrest (or: have a Pillow Talk/24-style-splitscreen-phone-conversation-with-Brennan rest or crawl-on-the-floor-and-talk-about-the-Smurfs rest, watch a clip below). Cue Agent Perotta (guest star Marisa Couglin), who Bones requested be her sub partner because “the variables involved in breaking in a new person outweigh the benefit of possibly finding a better investigator.” (That’s the kind of line I want Tempe to have, not “You’re Greek?” when someone clearly says, “I’m a geek.”) Their case: A “booth babe” at the fantasy convention ImagiCon is killed over possession of Excalibur, the prop sword used in the first fantasy film ever made.

addCredit(“Isabella Vosmikova/Fox”)

From reading the comments, I also know you’re not all sold on Agent Perotta, but I like her. She’s smart enough not to be intimidated by Brennan and to know what’s going on between Tempe and Seeley without loopy Booth having to tell her to protect Brennan’s “silky black hair and that soft skin” first. (I would’ve thought she was smart enough not to let “incapacipatated” Booth talk her into joining her in an interrogation via webcam, but maybe she got some of the iBook product placement money). Perotta enlisted the help of Dr. Sweets in profiling a message on the victim’s answering machine, and he determined that the caller was a sexually promiscuous female — a fact confirmed when they questioned the medieval and fantasy weapons collector/dominatrix and she said she’d like to control him, if he’s up for it. (“Oh, I assure you I’m not.” I love John Francis Daley’s dry delivery. “You are far more ripped under those schoolboy duds them one would think. Aren’t you Dr. Sweets.” “Yes, but…” I’m having flashbacks to that scene on Ugly Betty where Christopher Gorham’s hot bod was revealed. Hold me, I’m scared!) Sweets had the idea to continue with the victim’s plan to auction off the sword and fish out the killer by someone (him) going undercover as a Trekkie and engaging in a bidding war. The plan appeared a bust until Sweets and Brennan were driving home with the sword and someone slammed into their car. Bones got to kick some Black Knight ass as Sweets bled into his airbag, and Perotta got to deliver the episode’s best dig on geeks when she brought in a bunch of Black Knights for questioning and said, “They all have have alibis — four that can be corroborated by their moms.”

The hero of the episode was my second favorite Brennan assistant, the comically depressed but totally competent and “self-sufficient” Colin Fisher (Joel David Moore). After first denying he was a geek — “Okay, I admit I’m a geek. I love it all. Star Trek. Star Wars. Buffy. Xena. Akira. I even watch Fringe” — he, too, went undercover at the auction (with a camera that fed footage to Perotta’s iBook). He also discovered that he shared a “bleak and profound hopelessness” with the promiscuous weapons collector and during their night together, determined that the murder weapon was a Pear of Anguish, a medieval torture device inserted in the mouth and expanded until it basically makes the skull explode. (It can be inserted elsewhere, but let’s not go there.) After Fisher, now Hodgin’s hero, pieced together information on the chainmail worn by Brennan’s attacker, a blacksmith/poet interviewed early in the episode was named the killer. He’d given the sword to the booth babe as a sign of his love, and got pissed when she was wanted to sell it. Brennan shared the news with Booth, who believes in chivalry (that I buy), and she fixed his back right as Perotta walked in with some chili she made for Booth. Awkward moment, for Perotta, and both women left leaving Booth alone and afraid to move.

So, what did you think of the episode? As good as the “pony play” episode? How soon until Hodgins and Angela are doing more than operating metal detectors together? And who (other than myself and my friend Eva) is ready for Cam to do something other than raise her eyebrows? We’re supposed to get an episode on her backstory sometime this season (which doesn’t resume until March 12). She was a cop, so here’s hoping they work it into a case naturally, and don’t need to involve a hallucination or a ghost.