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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Bones,' 'House,' 'Sarah Connor,' 'Grey's,' 'Lost,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Damages,' 'Supernatural,' 'CSI,' '24,' and more!

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The end of the TV season is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing: Your favorite characters are going to start dropping like flies! This week’s Ask Ausiello features exclusive intel about which shows the Grim Reaper will be targeting in the coming months. Also in AA: More spoilers than you can shake a stick at, an answer to last week’s tantalizing ER quiz (it’s buried, so be sure to read each and every Q/A!), scoop about my latest Lauren Graham sighting, and much, much more. Let’s get to it! 



Question: So, how exactly is House going to make his pain magically disappear next week? — Reina

Ausiello: He switches to a new drug — and no, it’s not heroin. But that’s not the big news, this is: House and Wilson go on a date!





Question: What’s up with the McFight on tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy? Is Derek hitting Mark over Lexie? — Michelle

Ausiello: Kind of, but not really. It’s a classic case of transference. Derek’s really mad at Addison, but he ends up taking his frustration out on Mark instead. And man, do those two beat the crap out of each other. There’s even blood!



Question: Can you give us some scoop on tonight’s Grey’s? — Greysfan

Ausiello: Izzie finds out that her blood sample was mixed up

(shocker!), which means she’s suffering from something far worse than

anemia (double shocker!). But what? Sadly, we have to wait until March

12 for the official diagnosis.



Question: Will we be getting any Callie-Arizona scenes on Grey’s Anatomy this week? — Alyssa

Ausiello: That’s affirmative. Callie asks Arizona out on a date!





Question: I want to congratulate you on your 26th birthday coming up on

Monday! Now, how about some juicy Lost scoop. — Anglique

Ausiello: How about you get my age right first. Twenty-six?! Do I

really look that old? Ugh. So much for Oil of Olay Daily Regenerating

Serum. Anywhoo, Lost scoop: Someone will be joining recent time travel

victim Charlotte six feet under before the season is over. My source

describes the character as “major-ish,” which most likely rules out any

of our series regulars. Guesses? Post ’em in the comments section!





Question: Dude, the foreshadowing in this week’s 24 has me worried for Chloe’s safety. Please tell me she’s not going to take

a header into the Dead Pool come season end. — Nicole

Ausiello: Relax, Chloe isn’t dying. But someone else is this Monday. Also in next week’s ep: A 24 fave returns and a new threat will be revealed! (Is

it just me, or did that last sentence read like a Fox promo? I think

I’ve been doing this too long.)





Question: Since Scrubs moved to ABC, there is always a character missing from each episode. Why? — Shanon

Ausiello: Money. In order to make the season 8 pick-up financially

feasible for ABC, Bill Lawrence had to trim some serious coin from the

show’s budget. The easiest way to do that was to give every cast member

two episodes off. Zach Braff included.





Question: Ask Ausiello is a day late! Oh, that’s right — you had to up

and change everything. For my troubles, can you at least tell me if

there’s any hope for a second season of Privileged? — Heather

Ausiello: I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you, Heather: Rina

Mimoun’s critical darling is fighting for its life, and time is running

out. The season finale airs Tuesday and even the slightest ratings bump

could increase the show’s season 2 odds. To the uninitiated, I urge you

to read Jennifer Armstrong’s “5 Reasons to Save Privileged” in the new

issue of EW (on sale Friday). Girlfriend makes some very persuasive arguments.





Question: Seriously, Mike? You’ve gone weeks without giving us new Bones scoop! — Esther

Ausiello: I was saving up for something good — something like… this:

According to executive producer Hart Hanson, a series of attacks within

the Lab will cause “dissension and suspicion” amongst all of the main

players by the end of the season, adding, “It will affect the way each

and every character regards the others.” Oh, and the Booth-Brennan sex

thing in the May finale? Yep, still happening.





Question: Were you suggesting that Kristen Bell was in the running to play a young Lily in the Gossip Girl spin-off? — Tara

Ausiello: I was not. I’m actually going to keep quiet about which

actress I was referring to until there’s something solid to report.

Don’t want to jinx things. Having said that, I’d

like to take this opportunity to nominate American Dreams ingénue

Brittany Snow for the role. Not only does she have “young Kelly

Rutherford” plastered across her forehead, but as she proved on her

much-missed NBC drama, she has a timeless quality. (If she can pull off

the ’60s, the ’80s oughta be breeze.) Plus, anything that keeps her

away from Prom Night 2 has to be a good thing, right? If you agree,

please, say so in the comments section. It’s no fun being out on this

limb all alone.





Question: Please, I need some Gossip Girl scoop on Blair and Chuck! — Carla

Ausiello: Okay, but I have to warn you, it’s going to make you very

angry. Leighton Meester’s real-life beau, Sebastian Stan, will be

reprising his role as the shifty Carter Baizen. He’ll appear in the

next two original episodes and, per my source, his mission is twofold:

to mess with Chuck and hook up with Blair. Don’t shoot the messenger!





Question: I am leaving for France tomorrow for nine days. Could you please give me some Gossip Girl to hold me over? — Rachel

Ausiello: You know Serena’s new grifter beau, Gabriel (Armie Hammer)?

She’s met him before — only she can’t remember where or when.









Question: Do we have to beg for some Big Bang Theory spoilers? Because I will beg. — Irrel

Ausiello: Begging works. I’ve got additional deets about Summer Glau’s

hilarious sounding Amtrak run-in with Leonard & Co. in the March 9

episode courtesy of exec producer Bill Prady: “For the guys, there’s

probably no more awesome sci-fi female to encounter than Summer Glau,

with her nerd-cred times four. Normally, these guys might only have a

split-second autograph encounter with her at Comic-Con, but now they

have 11 hours to get up the courage to talk to her — and she’s

sitting alone! Of course, Sheldon does offer a word of caution:  If

Terminators actually did exist, a perfect way they could lull victims

into a false sense of security would be to pose as actors who have

played Terminators.” ROFWLOLOMGILOVEIT!











Question: Any rumors, tidbits, scoops, or details regarding Terminator:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Is what I fear most about to pass — is

Summer Glau leaving the show? — Kevin B.

Ausiello: No, but one of her female co-stars is on March 6.







Question: Any scoop on Flight of the Conchords? — Harry

Ausiello: In Sunday’s episode, Bret and Jemaine will literally duel to

win the love of Brahbrah, played by SNL‘s Kristen Wiig. The two meet

her in the park while she searches for her missing dog, Charlie. Bonus

Conchords goss: Bret takes up Jazzercise! Now in totally unrelated

news, the answer to last week’s multiple choice ER quiz is A: $125K.

Thanks for playing!







Question: After seeing Ugly Betty last Thursday, it’s about time Ms.

Meade (Judith Light) got a man. And I know just the man for the role:

Tony Danza. She could even answer the door in her robe. — Sina

Ausiello: Funny you should mention that. It just so happens that Betty

is casting the recurring role of Richard Hartley, a fiftysomething Ted

Turner-type and the father of Betty’s new love, Matt (Daniel Eric

Gold). Sure, this probably means he’s married to Matt’s mom, Christine

Baranski, but, hey, that’s a minor obstacle for someone like Ms. Meade.

Either way, Danza should probably put a call into his agent.











Question: I recall Damages was renewed for seasons 2 and 3

simultaneously. Given this, are we going to get a resolution to the

Daniel Purcell case this season, or is that going to carry over to

Season 3? — Jake

Ausiello: The Purcell case will end when Season 2 does — but that

doesn’t mean we will have seen the last of William Hurt. “Things are always open to

change, but Season 2 wraps up much like Season 1 did,” reveals

exec producer Todd Kessler. “[But] William Hurt’s character has a very

strong personal relationship with Patty — he’s the father of her son.

So his character remains vital and important to the lives of Patty and

Michael Hughes. There’s always a chance he will come back. It’s

schedule dependent.”









Question: To celebrate the premiere of Dollhouse, I think it

would be very fitting for you to give us some scoop — or at the very

least tell us what you thought. — Sydney

Ausiello: I have mixed feelings about Dollhouse. My biggest complaint is the complete and utter lack of

humor. Where’s the Whedonesque ha-ha we’ve all come to depend on? And

when I am laughing, I don’t think I’m supposed to be. For

instance, Eliza Dushku as a ball-busting hostage negotiator? Highlarious. And I may be in the minority here, but I find the Topher “I’m the lovable, quirky one”

Brink character to be unbearable. The only thing I find relatable about him is his

taste in sweater vests. Despite all this, I’m four episodes in and I can’t wait for No. 5. Go figure.





Question: Okay, I’ll bite: Give me some spoilerage about the two deaths coming up on Big Love. — Jenna

Ausiello: One’s male and one’s female. Additional clues can be found here, but click over at your own risk.





Question: Please, I need big spoilers for Big Love. What is coming up!

What is going to happen to poor Sarah? And what is going on with

Margene? — Katie

Ausiello: Sarah’s baby daddy, Scott (Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul) returns

on March 15. And Margene starts her own business selling, what else,






Question: What’s the latest on Numb3rs? — Samantha

Ausiello: Don suffers a life-threatening injury later this season, and

Charlie feels he might be responsible because he wasn’t focused on the

case and might have overlooked something. And the show’s 100th episode

finds Don and Charlie tackling a case with eerie similarities to the

first crime they worked on together.





Question: I’m hearing Chloe makes a decision that will change her

friendship with Clark forever in episode 20 of Smallville. What is it? — Amber

Ausiello: The answer lies in a recent Ask Ausiello.





Question: You have to stop teasing Supernatural fans about this big

Winchester brawl that’s going to happen in the season finale. Just

answer us this question: What causes the big hoopla? Ash

Ausiello: I honestly don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with

Sam’s demon blood addiction. Or maybe it’s fallout from a

certain death that’s coming up in April. Or maybe… nope, those are

the only two theories I’ve got.





Question: CSI… anything? — Kent

Ausiello: Yuh-huh. In an upcoming eppy, wacky shenanigans ensue when a

sci-fi icon is bumped off at (more or less) Comic-Con. My money’s on a

rogue Tribble — so many places to conceal a weapon on a body that’s

nothing but fur.





Question: I saw your BFF Lauren Graham in Guys & Dolls this weekend

and she was amazing! Now can you give me some scoop on my second favorite

show (after Gilmore Girls, of course) Brothers & Sisters? —


Ausiello: I saw her, too. What do you want to bet my seats sucked worse

than yours? I’ll wager $10K. Note: Do not purchase orchestra seats in

the high 20s rows A thru L. You’ll miss half the show. Literally. The half I saw I

really enjoyed. And man, Lauren can sing. I met her backstage afterwards and she

couldn’t have been nicer. I’m hoping to see it again after its official opening in early March — if for no other reason than to catch the half of the show I missed. As for your question (you thought I

forgot, didn’t you?), in the finale of Brothers & Sisters, I hear Kitty goes house-hunting

with someone other than Robert. Could it be this








Okay, that’s a wrap! Send questions/anonymous tips/birthday wishes to ausielloscoop@ew.com. Thanks for playing! Oh, I almost forgot: I’m officially a Twittering fool! You can follow me at

twitter.com/ewausiellofiles. Woo-hoo! (Additional

reporting by Lynette Rice, Andy Patrick and Aly Semigran)