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Michael Jackson's family: Jeez, what are they up to this time?

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Jackson5_lWhen it comes to the Jackson clan, I’m accustomed to hearing outrageous news about Michael, Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, and even papa Joe. But Marlon? I thought he was one of the “normal” ones — like Tito and Rebbie — until I read an article in today’s edition of the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph about his plans to invest in a £2.4 billion scheme to build a slavery theme park in Nigeria. Doesn’t he know slavery is not sexy? It wasn’t sexy in the 1800s and it’s still not sexy today, even if you dress it up with casinos, shops, condos, and a golf course — which are all featured in the business proposal. Other highlights of the ill-advised Badagry Historical Resort Development Project of Nigeria include a Jackson Five repository of memorabilia, holograms, a recording studio, and a slave ship replica.

Good grief! Do the Jacksons even surprise people with their preposterousness anymore? Does anybody even remember that they were, like, totally amazing at one point in time? And if Marlon has such deep pockets, shouldn’t he invest in Michael’s broke ass or Janet’s next CD?