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Critic to 'The Real Housewives of New York City': drop dead

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In case you don’t get the reference in the phrase above, it’s an echo of the famous 1975 front-page New York Daily News headline, “Ford To City: Drop Dead,” about then-President Ford’s refusal to sign a fiscal bail-out. I second that emotion about The Real Housewives of New York City: I sorta wish the show would expire, fast. Not a chance, of course: Too many of us — I admit it, I’ve watched — cannot resist gazing upon the icky-beyond-belief “real” housewives of New York City, whose new season of crass social-climbing begins on Bravo tonight.

There’s a new housewife this season: Kelly, who proves in this clip that she’s a deluded exhibitionist and even-more-deluded horse-rider (I’m told by a trained eye living in my house that her form is pretty lame).

Me, I put my hands over my eyes and peek through my fingers at Alex McCord’s hideous husband, Simon, and the couple’s ramshackle summer rental we’re taken to tonight. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with ramshackle, especially in these economic times, but the way Simon talks up the house as though it was an idyllic mansion worthy of his slippered toes–it’s just too, too much.

But, really, that’s the only reason to keep tabs on these squabbling, spendthrift people: to goggle at their cluelessness, their disconnection from the very concept of Reality that Real Housewives promotes.

So will you be watching or avoiding The Real Housewives of New York City?

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