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'Ugly Betty' Bites: More funny from Marc & Willy

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Sorry for the delay in bringing you the best quips from the latest episode of Ugly Betty, PopWatchers, but late is better than never, right? As usual, Thursday’s Ugly Betty was simply brimming with great one-liners, led by the genius banter between Marc and Amanda. My four favorite bites are in the video below. Give it a view, and then vote for your favorite in the poll that follows. Dying for all the greatest quips from last week? They’re after the jump, of course.


“Oh Betty, it is not shoplifting if you can afford the item but simply do not have the funds on you.” —Claire, to Betty, after slipping a tube of mascara that she didn’t pay for into her bag

“What, you think I’m gonna ask dad if he’s turning into the booty bandit of Jackson Heights? No.” —Hilda, after Betty caught her dad grabbing his nurse’s butt on camera

“Of course, I have, Marc. But he lives in Murray Hill. I’m not a barbarian!” —Willy, after Marc asks her if Connor has asked her over to his apartment, which she thinks is in an undesirable part of Manhattan

“Personally, I like to think everything underneath that is pure, unblemished mocha.” —Marc, joking about not wanting to think about what’s going on under Willy’s clothes

“I don’t do intimacy. Tried it once. Didn’t work out.” —Willy, on why she’s kind of cold to her suitor Connor

“You don’t have to reveal your uncomfortable secrets overnight. This isn’t The Bachelor!” —Marc, counseling Willy on her relationship with Connor

“I’m no stranger to weird behavior, Betty!” —Claire, to Betty

“There they are—my two best birds!” —Connor, referring to Willy and Olivia Newton Bird after returning from a trip

“Oh hey, Betty, how’s the Claire Witch Project going?” —Amanda, referring to Betty’s plan to create a video celebrating the Meade family matriarch

“Has that bird crap rotted your brain? Of course not!” —Willy, to Marc

“Have I thought you nothing about power? I can’t say it first. It’s like when you call Bill Clinton: You put him on hold and then you get me on the line.” —Willy, schooling Marc on power

“I was almost relieved to spend the night in jail, rather than with those piranhas I call my friends.” —Claire,

“I love Prada. I love Gucci.” —Willy, trying to get Olivia Newton Bird to say something other than “I love Connor”
“I love Oscar de la Renta Fall 2009.” —Marc, offering his contribution to the effort
“Uh, keep it simple, Mary!” —Willy, on Marc trying to get Olivia Newton Bird to say “Oscar de la Renta”

“Forget it! Just throw it out the window!” —Willy, after she can’t get Olivia Newton Bird to stop saying “I love Connor”
“But… that’s burder.” —Marc, creating a word for what it’d be if Willy did, in fact, throw Olivia Newton Bird out the window
“That little monster has wings. Let it fly south and torment some poor family in Staten Island.” —Willy, banishing the bird to NYC’s southernmost borough

Now it’s your turn, PopWatchers: What were your favorite Ugly Betty sound bites this week? Which ones did I miss?

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