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'Two and a Half Men': Dumb or smart? 'Family Guy' says 'dumb'

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Last night on Family Guy, Peter tried to induce labor for Joe’s wife Bonnie, saying, “I’m gonna turn on the TV to Two and a Half Men, and if your baby isn’t totally brain-dead, it’ll come rushing out to change the channel.” You can see the moment less than two minutes in, here:

It’s not the first time Guy has ripped the Charlie Sheen-Jon Cryer sitcom, but even its mighty power cannot stop Two and a Half–tonight’s episode is a rerun, but it’s such a ratings powerhouse, it stands a good chance of beating a new episode of 24.

What is it about Two and a Half Men? I think Cryer and Sheen are pretty charming guys… when they’re not on this show, which usually strikes me as merely smutty and not-funny: kinda dumb humor, unlike the gags on producer Chuck Lorre’s other show, the superior Big Bang Theory. But there was Two and a Half Men in last week’s Nielsen ratings, the fifth most-watched show in America. (And it’s not as though Family Guy doesn’t traffick in its own, very different brand of dumb smut… )

So, where do you stand: Two and a Half Men, dumb or smart? Funny or not-funny?