February 13, 2009 at 07:18 AM EST

Cagey Jeff Probst was at it again in the premiere of Survivor: Tocantins, throwing a twist at the contestants a scant five minutes into the game. The episode also featured a naked Mormon, random thoughts on Vikings, and a 53-year-old woman fondling her own boobs. The official EW recap will be up just after midnight eastern time, but for those of you jonesing to find out the 18th winner of the Sonja Christopher First Survivor Voted Out award, all will be revealed after the jump…(SPOILER ALERT!)

And the winner — or, in this case, loser is…Carolina Eastwood. The26-year-old bartender ran her mouth too much for her tribe’s liking,getting the ol’ heave-ho after just three days. (You know it’s bad whenyour tribe opts to keep someone they’ve dubbed Psycho Sandy over you.)Before Carolina left, however, producers made sure to cram in as muchgratuitous footage of her breasts as possible. Did the tribe make theright call? Is Sandy (pictured) really psycho? And what’s up with Coach’s hair?Sound off with your comments, and check back after midnight for thefull TV Watch. Survivor fans ready…GO!

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