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'Inglourious Basterds' trailer: Brad Pitt will kill Nazis!

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“Each and every man under my command owes me 100 Nazi scalps,” drawls a daintily-mustached Brad Pitt. “And I want my scalps!”

Sir yes sir! Nazi scalps, coming right up. The trailer for Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino’s World War II uh, saga? drama? violence orgy? — I’m not sure yet what the proper term is — aired on Entertainment Tonight last night, and lo, it was dazzling. (And so far available online only in this cruddy bootleg. The entertainment lords giveth; the entertainment lords taketh away.) UPDATE: You can watch the full HD trailer here (still not embeddable, though).

According to ET, Pitt plays the leader of squad of “ruthless Jewish-American World War II fighters who infiltrate Nazi-occupied France, spreading fear through Hitler’s Third Reich.” Pitt’s ragtag team includes horror trend-setter Eli Roth (shown bat in hand, ready to bludgeon a kneeling Nazi), former Freaks and Geeks geek Samm Levine, and The Office‘s BJ Novak (looking super-intense).    

Given the staggering number of WWII-set movies that came out in recent months, I thought I’d maxed out for a little while. But Tarantino’s trademark is his ability to reappropriate and reimagine a genre —  samurai movies with Kill Bill, for example, or ’70s pulp horror with Grindhouse — and I’m incredibly curious to see his stroll down this well-worn path. Everything in a Tarantino version becomes more stylized, more outrageous, brighter, bigger, bloodier, sometimes sillier. Sure, the quick blip at the end of a cape-wearing Hitler screaming “mine, mine, mine!” “nein, nein, nein!” seems more “Springtime for Hitler” than intense drama, but count me in either way.

IB is set to open Aug. 21.