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February 06, 2009 AT 05:00 AM EST

Anniversary Gift
Thank you for your recent cover story about Heath Ledger. His great performances, particularly in Brokeback Mountain, made me feel connected to him. Sometimes there’s no clear reason why a film or performance touches someone, but when it does, it feels personal. His death left a void that I still feel a year later. Your story was a touching tribute that gave dignity to his life and career.
Courtney Graham
Knoxville, Tenn.

In the annals of film, some movies, like The Godfather, are transcendent from the start. Others, like Brokeback Mountain, enjoy immediate success but need time and distance in order to be fully appreciated. Twenty or 30 years from now, moviegoers will see Heath and the movie for what they are: timeless and unforgettable.
Adam Norris
Los Angeles

Reading your coverage of Heath Ledger, and recalling his brilliantly idiosyncratic portrayal of the Joker, brought to mind Lon Chaney’s extraordinary role as Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), the only performance in film history to which Ledger’s Joker can justly be compared, and that I think is in every way its equal. A bouquet from me on Oscar night — red roses.
Burt ”Daz” Alpert
Kapaau, Hawaii

Thanks, EW, for remembering Heath Ledger one year later. Even though I cried when I got the issue, I was reminded of why I truly admired Ledger and love everything he was a part of. In fact, he was just one of a handful of actors who I went to the movies to see. (Once I even went to the multiplex for a Heath Ledger mini movie-athon — first Casanova, then Brokeback Mountain.) He was truly something special, and this fan, for one, will never forget what it was like watching him on the big screen.
Sarah Donaldson
Sodus, N.Y.

I’m astonished by the sexism in the best and worst of Golden Globes article (News & Notes). Are we truly to believe that the women featured in ”Hairing Our Grievances” had worse hair than Mickey Rourke? Are you kidding?
Laurie Ann Lawrence
McDonough, Ga.

Staff editor Meeta Agrawal responds: Agreed, Laurie Ann — it was not a good night for hair. But there were so many men sporting follicular follies (did you see Robert Downey Jr.?) that we didn’t have the space to cover them all.

Loved your take on the Golden Globes (News & Notes). But why is Danny Boyle holding his Critics’ Choice Award and not his Golden Globe?
Paul M. Allen
Bixby, Okla.

Deputy photo editor Sarah Czeladnicki responds: Oops! You’re right — it is his Critics’ Choice Award. Good catch!

King’s Message
I was overjoyed to read Stephen King’s praise for Steven Spielberg’s much-overlooked classic 1941 (The Pop of King). The movie was not only a ”big, loose, everything-goes” comedy, it was also a lesson about ethnic bigotry and wartime hysteria. I agree with Uncle Stevie: Do it again, Mr. Spielberg!
Andy Boehm
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Our New Contest
They don’t give an Oscar for Best Iambic Pentameter, but this ode by Sam Carruthers of McHenry, Ill., inspired us to launch an Oscar poem-writing contest. Read Sam’s entire masterpiece — and enter your own — at ew.com/oscarpoetry.

I have something to say and here is the reason,
Deep breath, drumroll, it’s Oscar season!
Realized on the way to see Kate and Leo
Amid ”A Milli” and tracks by Ne-Yo,
My car radio spouted a message thankfully not tardy,
”This year, what are you doing for your Oscar party?”
Hit by a certain rush, almost wanted to jeer,
How is it already this time of year?!
The question gets to me and I ponder this
Then I think about this year’s flicks and reminisce
Wondering about what and who I would crown
Check through my head, a quick rundown….

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