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'Scrubs': Intern Ed gets the boot. Oh, hell no.

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Scrubs, we need to talk about last night. First you fill me up withan hour of office politics (important stuff, but not really bringing thefunny) and then you go and do the unthinkable. Say it ain’t so! My favorite new internEd (Aziz Ansari) got the axe from overwhelmed new chief of medicine,Dr. Cox. Look, Coxy, I know being the big chief comeswith more stress than free muffins, but you can’t get ridof Ed yet! He’s only begun to scratch the surface with catchy sayings (STEAK NIIIGHT!). Could his abrupt termination just be to teach him a lesson? Could it really be…for real? Well listen up, Scrubs writers, you already gave me a mildheart attack when “hands-on” Jimmy the Orderly got the boot, but you did theright thing by bringing him back. I vote you do the same with Ed andundo this incivility. Because as you know, “when you disrespectsomeone, and they in turn burn your ass, you must RECOGNIZE!” Hellyeah.

So, PopWatchers, do you share my love for intern Ed, or do you haveanother favorite intern? And are you gonna back me up or stand by Cox’scrime (shame on you!)? Check out the clip of just a little of what Ed’saccomplished thus far on the show below if you need a refresher and getback to me. We will win this.