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Jon and Kate Plus... Hate? Love?

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Jon and Kate Plus 8, the cable hit about the family with twins and sextuplets, both warms the heart (those kids are pretty adorable, most of the time) and inspires a lot of hostility on the internet, where there are those who accuse parents Jon and Kate Gosselin of misusing their reality-show stardom to act like divas and acquire lots of free stuff from admiring viewers.

I don’t really want to contribute to the Kate-hate, which is often way over-the-top, but last night’s new episode, another one about the family’s move to a bigger house, contained a few scenes between Jon and Kate that got my stomach in a knot. Jon had bought a new shower nozzle (yes, this is the stuff from which Jon and Kate drama is drawn). But he didn’t use a coupon when he went to the store!!!

Sound like nothing? You didn’t see Kate’s reaction. She let him have it with both barrels, figuratively. “I’m gonna shoot him!” she fumed to the camera crew. Then she started talking to her husband as though he was about three years old, condescension mixing with anger. “You’re not buying anything anymore!… This is annoying; beyond annoying!… Where’s the receipt?… What is the rule about receipts?… You’re gonna go back to the store this afternoon!”

On and on it went. Jon was, as usual, stoic, poker-faced. Now, look: Here at EW, we have reviewed Jon and Kate positively. I used to like Kate a lot–I identify with her compulsion to clean, clean, clean the house. I think a lot of her sarcasm can be funny. I like that she’s so tough–most of the time. But last night, she was just too much. I know moving is a very stressful time, but, jeez, Kate, take it easy on your poor hubby: he’s doing the best he can.

Do you watch? Did you see? What do you think?