February 02, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Whether you’d describe the show’s music as superbly simple orfrivolously fresh (or something mean that I don’t condone), tunesfrom HBO’s Flight of the Conchords are nothing if noteducational. Last night’s episode taught us you’ve gotta be tough to walk (or dance) the mean streets of New York. What better way to show this than to call upon two other New York gangs: the Jets and the Sharks.

Okay, “Stay Cool” has about three lyrics and no one’s snapping on time. Who cares! What I took away from this West Side Story choreographed ditty is that Bret assembled the most diverse gang ever! Mr. Lee’s even smaller than Bret, and Johnny Boy’s older than the actual concept of a gang. But if the multiracial Tough Brets aren’t progress for gang relations, I don’t know what is.

But I’d have to say the powerfully honest rap “Hurt Feelings” definitely left a deeper impression. I’m sure we can all relate to Bret’s sense of rejection from finding outhis friends went to see Maid in Manhattan without him. Everyone from Doug to Greg chimes in with their hurtfeelings, and we learn Mel has more emotions than just uberexcitement. Anyone else come close to tearing up at the sight of her clutching the painting on the stoop?

So I learned a lot from last night’s episode, but, like any insatiableFOTC fan, I’m only left with more questions. Who are the guys playing Bretand Jemaine’s friends in “Hurt Feelings?” Whyare they wearing hats? Why don’t Bret and Jemaine ever wear hats? Whyare they all of a sudden dressed like George Washington? Will we ever get to meet Steve? How badly do you want to see Mel’s X-rated painting of Bret? Why wasn’t Murray’s momallowed in his bike-y gang? And who is the real Miss NewZealand? (Okay, so that last one’s a bit easier to answer. It’sactually Samantha Powell as of 2008, just so you know.)

So many questions! Okay, PopWatchers, now it’s your turn. What didyou think of our beloved Kiwis’ latest installment? And what have youlearned?

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