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'SNL': It's time to replace Fred Armisen as Barack Obama

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After watching last night’s SNL — woohoo! one laugh per half-hour! at least Jason Mraz sounds great live, though, no? — I present the following pop quiz!

Fred Armisen’s impersonation of President Barack Obama (embedded below):

A. Fails miserably at capturing Obama’s physical mannerisms and characteristics (except maybe his ears).
B. Sounds more like “Fred Armisen” than “Barack Obama.”
C. Seems to have been written in a room where laughter goes to die. (“Mayor of Bummer City”? Seriously?)
D. Is like a neon sign pointing to the lack of diversity in SNL‘s cast.
E. Signals it’s time for a snack break/the DVR fast-forward function.
F. Is performed as if even Armisen knows it’s abysmal.

Weigh in below, and be sure to click here and catch Ken Tucker’s shout out to the surprising MVP of last night’s SNL telecast.

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