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Jessica Alba and Bill O'Reilly argue; Sweden remains neutral

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Billoreillyjessicaalba_l_2Who knew the first big political debate of the Obama Administrationwould be between Bill O’Reilly and Jessica Alba. Over Swedishneutrality, no less. Here’s how it all began: On Jan. 20, Foxreporters caught up with Alba at an inaugural party and asked theactress to give an on-camera shout-out to the conservative talk showhost. Alba, turns out, isn’t a fan. “He’s kind of an a-hole,” she toldthem. Later, she tried to turn the tables on reporters by asking themwhat they liked best about Obama. When she didn’t get an answer, Albajoked, “That’s right, be neutral. Be Sweden.” That remark touched offa storm of controversy, with O’Reilly calling Alba a “pinhead” forsupposedly mixing up Switzerland and Sweden. TMZ.com and other websitespiled on, too, calling her “a ditz.” Alba then retaliated on her webpage by posting a link to a Wikipedia article about Swedish neutrality.“She is absolutely correct,” TMZ followed up with a fake apology.“Sweden was a neutral country…60 years ago…. We apologize for notconsidering the political climate of the world in 1942 when wesuggested she may have meant, ‘Be Switzerland.’”

EW is neutral on the issue — like Sweden — but in the interest offostering Obama-inspired unity, we decided to end the debate by goingstraight to the source: We called the Swedish consulate in Los Angelesand asked them who was right, Jessica Alba or Bill O’Reilly and hiscohorts at TMZ. “Sweden was neutral during World War II as well asduring the Cold War,” was the official response. “We are not members ofNATO. We are, however, members of the European Union.”

There you have it, Pop Watchers. Now we can all move onto figuring out how to fix the economy.

addCredit(“Jessica Alba: Dan Gorder/FilmMagic.com”)