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Enter the Fray: Jessica Simpson's curves, the Miss America pageant, and 'Lost'

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Simpsonharrisson_lThis week’s pop culture events ranged from pageants to performances to perplexing time-travel issues on an island somewhere in the Pacific. I have a bus to Boston to catch I know you want to get to the good stuff, so let’s not mince words — let’s Enter the Fray:

10. Rumor has it that another Charlie’s Angels movie is in the works. Annie Barrett suggests Beyonce join the ranks as a fourth angel (she is an Independent Woman, after all).

9. While Michael Slezak thought the roof height was permanently altered at the venue where Fantasia performed the crap out of ”Lady Marmalade” at a Patti LaBelle tribute, I’m pretty sure the roof just burned right off because girlfriend was on fiyah.

8. Mandi Bierly recounted the best and worst moments of the SAG Awards.

7. Abby West wondered what you all thought of Faraday after Wednesday’s episode of Lost.

6. Oriana Schwindt asked what pop culture item you revisit over and over (and over). She’s a LoTR fan, but I’m more of a Harry Potter gal myself.

5. Even though Adam B. Vary filled in for Doc Jensen in the Lost TV Watch this week, Dr. J couldn’t resist weighing in on the episode.

4. Nicholas Fonseca bid farewell to John and Marlena and their two-decade saga on Days of Our Lives.

3. Another week, another rose ceremony, another behind-the-scenes recap of The Bachelor from handsome host Chris Harrison.

2. Chris Nashawaty wondered if anyone actually cares about the Miss America pageant anymore. Judging from your comments, a lot of you do (and a lot of you don’t).

1. Jennifer Armstrong kicked off our ShePop category with a thought-provoking take on where we draw the line in dissecting the public personas of celebs, as personified through the recent Jessica Simpson ”weight gain” controversy.

addCredit(“Simpson: Chris Gordon/WireImage; Harrison: Bob D’Amico/ABC”)