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Pop culture hits and misses

We rate pop culture for the week of January 19, 2009 including the inauguration, ”Bromance,” and Patti LuPone

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· History is made as the nation inaugurates its first black president…and the first bedazzled bow sings ”America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)”
· Check out Patti LuPone‘s onstage hissy fit on YouTube (”Stop taking pictures! Right! Now!”)— and her upcoming role on 30 Rock
The not-so-subtle homoeroticism of Bromance

· After watching her spill the beans on Oprah, we’d like to hang with Jill Biden over cocktails

· If you seek Amy, can you have her call and explain the song?
· rosie’s blog is gone
choo choo choo the crazy train
has left the station
· Mira Sorvino: If it’s a choice between The Last Templar and quitting acting, might we suggest a sequel to Romy and Michele?

· The stomach-turning staple-gun scene in The Wrestler.
· With guest spots by Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, CSI: NY is the new TRL. Note to producers of CSI: NY: No one misses the old TRL.