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Flea joins Faces: Yay?

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Facesrodstewartflea_lFleas and faces are normally an unwelcome combination (scratch, scratch). Less unpleasant, but still surprising, is the news that Flea (the bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers) is apparently joining Faces (Rod Stewart and Ron Wood et al.’s reunited Britrock band). It’s a weird fit. The things I associate with Flea’s playing — funky riffs, hip-hop-ish rhythms — couldn’t be farther from the straight-ahead blues-rock that Faces laid down in the ’70s. Still, all the people involved here are way talented. And look, this is bound to be more interesting and unpredictable than a regular old Faces reunion with some anonymous session bassist filling in for the late Ronnie Lane. So I’m willing to give this lineup a chance. How about you? If you need help deciding, just listen to Faces’ 1973 “Ooh La La” after the jump and imagine Flea’s bassline from “Around the World” grooving all over that thing.

UPDATE: Looks like those involved are now denying that Flea is doing anything with Faces, sadly. Never mind!

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addCredit(“Faces: Getty Images; Flea: Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage.com”)