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'Fringe': 'It's all rather tense, isn't it?'

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So did you watch Fringe last night? When Joshua Jackson first mentioned the “giant, slimy, spiky slug,” I thought he was referring to Simon Cowell. Just kidding: This was at once the freakiest and most satisfyingly complex edition of Fringe to date. Let me count the ways I’m loving the show: (1) the new twists in the series’ overarching FBI conspiracy plot; (2) the elbows Anna Torv used in smashing Mitchell Loeb’s wife (good offense-fighting, and hello, Trini Alvarado, I remember you from the 1980 movie Times Square!); and (3) the detail that the giant slimy spiky slug was one cell from “the common cold.” Oh, and the fact that Walter is still dousing lab specimens with LSD.


Consider my mind blown. How about you–did you watch? Did you like?