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'Battlestar Galactica': The fifth Cylon speaks

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The fifth Cylon, revealed at long last in Friday night’s Season 5 premiere of BSG, speaks to Access Hollywood in this clip. For fans who missed the (rather depressing) kickoff of the final season and haven’t been able to get a little TiVo time, we’ll save the spoilers for after the jump.

Kate Vernon, who plays Ellen Tigh in the series, tells Access Hollywoodthat she’s known about her character’s fate for two years, and hints atan upcoming reunion between Ellen and Saul — among other major bombsto be dropped in each of the nine remaining episodes.

Still reeling from the big reveal? It caught EW’s resident BSG expert Marc Bernardin by surprise (read his recap), but you knew all along, right?

Ellen as the final Cylon: Did you see it coming? Discuss.