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Scott Foley: Watch this/Sorry about that

The former ”Felicity” star wants us to watch ”The Last Templar” and apologizes for ”Someone to Love Me”

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We’ll gladly let Scott Foley promote his latest project…if he also apologizes for a previous one.

Watch This

The Last Templar (Jan. 25-26, 9 p.m., NBC)
”I always loved those Michael Douglas-Kathleen Turner movies, like The Jewel of the Nile and Romancing The Stone. They had a mix of everything — romance, mystery, comedy — and it was a good ride. That’s [the miniseries] The Last Templar for me. It’s a ton of fun, and I think Mira Sorvino and I have good chemistry. Religious-themed thrillers are popular these days, and this is very much like The Da Vinci Code. Unfortunately, instead of Tom Hanks, you get me.”

Sorry About That

Someone to Love Me (1998)
”To begin with, it just sounds pathetic. This TV movie was one of my first jobs, which works to my advantage excusewise; that’s countered by the fact that I played a rapist. I don’t know if it was a comeback vehicle for Lynda Carter or what, but I spent a lot of my time filming in a van, raping her make-believe daughter. [After it aired] I spent days on my knees apologizing to random people: ‘Uh, it was one of my first jobs and, I don’t know, it was in Canada.”’