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Christopher Guest: Musician

We look at when the writer/director rocked all the way to 11, and when he did not

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Comedy writer-director Christopher Guest has a new (serious) album out. So when has the Spinal Tap guitarist rocked all the way to 11? And when has he not rocked at all?

Lampoons rock scene with John Belushi and Chevy Chase in acclaimed stage revue Lemmings
Rocked to an 8

Stars as guitar wizard Nigel Tufnel in seminal fake ”rockumentary” This Is Spinal Tap
Rocked to an 11

Portrays villainous Count Tyrone Rugen in the great, but sadly rock-free, Princess Bride
Rocked to a 1

Performs alongside Slash and Jeff Beck on the Spinal Tap ”reunion” album Break Like the Wind
Rocked to a 10

Inherits the title of Baron Haden-Guest and becomes a member of the British House of Lords
Rocked to a 2

Directs and stars (as banjo player Alan Barrows) in the folk-music parody A Mighty Wind
Rocked to a 6

As member of the Beyman Bros., releases lilting ambient-folk CD Memories of Summer as a Child
Rocks to a 7