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Annoying TV characters

Annoying TV characters — ”Heroes,” ”Gossip Girl,” and ”Grey’s Anatomy” all have irritating folks we’d like to see killed off

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The supercrazy Jenny is killed on the Jan. 18 season premiere of Showtime’s The L Word. It leaves us wanting more. More annoying TV characters to die, that is!

His nonsensical, uncharacteristic behavior (from power-wary to power-mad) led to a bad rip-off of The Fly. The Heroes prof is begging for a tragic bug-zapper accident.

Face it, Gossip Girl: Your resident hipster is about as much of a renegade as Nick on Family Ties. It’s about time she was run over by a Starbucks delivery truck.

For the crime of making us reconsider the upside to an afterlife, Grey’s Anatomy’s horny poltergeist needs a ghostbuster. It’s worth crossing the streams for.