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Enter the Fray: Golden Globes, 'American Idol,' and more

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Globestwilighthudgens_lThis week was a good one for pop music: American Idol made its triumphant return, and we got new singles from two of my favorite pop divas, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson. Spears’ clever/inappropriate (you decide!) ”If You Seek Amy” and Clarkson’s rocking (thank goodness!) ”My Life Would Suck Without You” got you guys talking. Here’s what else did:

10. Amy Wilkinson brought us up to speed on the latest episode of The Biggest Loser. Side note: I don’t know how thrilled she is that Brit co-opted her name for a semi-vulgar pop song.

9. Oriana Schwindt told us why we shouldn’t watch awards shows with Tina Fey haters. I, for one, didn’t realize such a person existed.

8. Lynette Rice recapped Grissom’s goodbye episode of CSI.

7. Ann Coulter’s appearance on The View made Elisabeth Hasselbeck look like the calm, composed, sane one.

6. Mike Bruno will keep watching American Idol for one reason: Bikini Girl.

5. Speaking of…Idol‘s back! You shared your thoughts on the premiere here.

4. Mandi Bierly’s cool with Lost, but she’s not so cool with its sometimes-annoying fans.

3. Chris Harrison came back for round two of his weekly Bachelor recap.

2. Vanessa Hudgens was rumored to have auditioned for the role of Leah in New Moon (we later learned this wasn’t actually what you would call ”true”).

1. Awards season ’09 kicked off to an amusing start with the Golden Globes, thanks to Annie Barrett and Mandi liveblogging the whole shebang.

addCredit(“Golden Globe: Chris Haston/NBC; Lautner and Hudgens: Maury Phillips/WireImage.com”)