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Tim Meadows visits 'The Colbert Report' to hawk inauguration merch: I'm sold!

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Sometimes all it takes is one quick cameo to remind you how much you miss a pop-culture personage. Take Tim Meadows’ in-character appearance on The Colbert Report last night. Just a couple minutes of Meadows sending up those absurd commemorative Obama keepsake/kitchenware ads sent me straight to his IMDB page to scope out what else he’s been working on*. Dude is hilarious! This is a fact that does not get mentioned often enough, in my opinion, and I am now making it my mission to fix this. How could we have taken Meadows for granted all through those 37 seasons of SNL he did? Also, he is a skilled salesman. Watch the clip below and tell me you aren’t a little tempted to call now and buy a few of those souvenirs Meadows and Stephen Colbert are pushing.

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(*Sad answer: Supporting roles in something called Breast Picture — yikes — and Ashley Tisdale/Kevin Nealon vehicle They Came From Upstairs. Oh well.)

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