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Which TV show's fans do you secretly kinda hate? (Mine's 'Lost'...Ducking!)

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Lostmystery_lEarlier this week, when I used the “I think this line’s mostly filler” lyric from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode in the headline for a recap of a boring Brothers & Sisters, a quarter of the comments on the post were from fellow Buffy fans appreciating the reference. That made one reader, named Shannon, issue a smackdown: “Good grief people…get over Buffy…she is gone…the actress hasapparently disappeared too….it was a good show…but good god!! getover it!! Brothers and Sisters is sooooo much better…that is if youare over the age of 18…mentally that is.”

Reading that got me thinking about how Shannon obviously didn’t get the show how you can appreciate a show and yet, kinda hate its fans. So ‘fess up: Which TV show’s fans annoy you? I trust we’ll all be respectful (because on some level, you have to appreciate anyone who’s as passionate about TV as you are). If I had to choose a show, it would be Lost. Before you crucify me: It’s not that I dislike its fans as much as it is that I dislike the feeling that if I want to be a fan, I can’t just watch an hour of quality TV; I have to start decoding Sprite commercials and go see Cloverfield. I know that intricate, never-ending web of clues is precisely the reason why so many of you love the show, but I just don’t have it in me to care that much over multiple platforms.* (Also, I used to fact-check Doc Jensen’s Lost features for EW and lived in fear that I would let a mistake slip through: You know you would have sent a letter, which, again, is why I respect and fear you.)

Your turn. Play nicely.

* If you think that makes me inferior to you, instead of just different, then I do dislike you. But just a bit.

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