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Bikini Girl: The reason I'll watch (at least one more) 'American Idol'

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Americanidolkatrina_lThree words sum up my excitement from last night’s American Idol: Ka. Tree. Na.

You may not recognize that name, or the surname Darrell, with all the haters (cough *Slezak!* cough) simply referring to her by her attire. But as a casual non-viewer of American Idol, it’s the Katrina Darrells and the Sanjaya Malakars that actually get me interested. I didn’t watch last night, but after I heard about Bikini Girl this morning, you bet your ass I fired up the clips online and enjoyed the hell out of the whole thing. I can’t decide what I liked most: 1) Hot girl shows up in a bikini, spins around, jumps up and down 2) Randy and Simon’s jaw-dropping, “She’s a YES for me!” 3) Paula and Kara’s equally vehement dislike for her 4) Hot girl shows up in a bikini.

Katrina may not be around long, but solely because of her, I will watch at least one more episode of American Idol in the juvenile, prurient hope that she does something as inappropriately sexy once again — and you better believe I won’t be the only one. Hey, it’s fun, silly, unpredictable, and hot. All things I like. Kudos, Bikini Girl. Can’t wait to see you again.

Who’s with me? Bikini Girl was hot, right? Anyone else like the curve ball these much-hated American Idol goofs bring to the mix?

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