Amy Wilkinson
January 12, 2009 AT 09:46 PM EST

Talk about every 13-year-old girl’s fantasy film team: High School Musical could be joining forces with Twilight. Sorta. As we reported earlier, rumors are swirling that Disney tween dream Vanessa Hudgens has auditioned for the role of disgruntled werewolf Leah Clearwater in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon. And as much as I want to hate the idea, I don’t. Sure, she’s much cuter than I ever imagined Leah to be, but her mix of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, and Native American ethnicities, make her a physically good match for the Quileute shapeshifter.  Plus, she’s already got big hair.

That being said, the 20-year-old has to show us something she hasn’t before: angst. Known for perky parts, most notably High School brainiac Gabriella, Hudgens will have to bring it as a girl dumped by her love who becomes the only female werewolf of her tribe. If she can embody this mix of contempt and snark with a dash of vulnerability thrown in, I think she could not only nail the role but make a nice foil to Taylor Lautner’s Jacob.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should Hudgens join the pack for New Moon or stick to crooning show tunes? Also, what role can we give Zac Efron? (Don’t pretend you don’t want to see him and Rob Pattinson in an epic battle of Tiger Beat proportions.)

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