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'Brothers & Sisters' recap: I think this line's mostly filler

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Brothersandsisters_lI bet the writers for Brothers & Sisters have a special name for the kind of episode we saw last night, a transitional hour designed to set landmines for storylines to come. Call it a ramp-up, or call it filler. Regardless, it was kinda boring. There was nothing explosive — not even those arguments between Sarah and Kitty.

Sarah found herself in another financial pickle when Greenotopia needed $120,000 to stay on target for its launch and demo at some technology convention. Nora, knowing how proud Sarah is, convinced a reluctant Kitty to offer her a check. Sarah wouldn’t take it because she found Kitty swooping in to save the day condescending. They fought. The Walker sibling phone tree was put in to effect, and Sarah reconsidered — after her small business loan was turned down. By then, Kitty didn’t want to give her the check because Sarah wasn’t willing to put something of her own on the line for her company — like her home. They fought again. In the end, after Tommy reminded Sarah that their father would’ve risked everything for something he believed in, she took a second mortgage on her home. And Kitty signed as guarantor. Whoopee.

Juicier, but still not at all satisfying, was the stage being set for a future Kitty-Robert blow-up over his decision to run for governor of California without consulting her because he knows she doesn’t want to be on the campaign trail when they adopt their baby because he wants to wait until he has all his ducks in a row. Here’s what I don’t get: Kitty was a strong woman and a public figure when he met her, so he shouldn’t resent her being in the spotlight as she shills her book. So, assuming that’s not it, he’s just being a douche. Even if you can’t stand Regis and Kelly — and I can’t when they’re doing canned bits on ABC shows (remember them on Ugly Betty?) — you have to watch them when they’re interviewing your wife, Robert. And you should also show up at her book signing. That goes for you Walkers, too — the empty chairs almost made me tear up. Still, what upsets me more than Robert placing his dreams above Kitty’s, is that the stress of working for Robert and lying to Kitty about his planned gubernatorial run, is taking a severe toll on Kevin’s quips! Where were they last night? I wish Kevin would’ve quit his job when Robert gave him the conflict of interest out, but it makes sense that he didn’t. Kevin is ambitious, and as a lawyer, he knows how to separate emotion from the facts. (After he whines about it for a while.)


Moving on to a storyline I do approve of: I’m all for Nora getting it on with Roger. She hated his cold, modern design for her center, but, after she smashed his model in front of his protegees, they met in the middle: She studied his work and realized he was a visionary; he realized that comfort is actually important when you’re dealing with families with sick children. New Nora is awesome, isn’t she? She’s even more quippy, whether it’s reminding Saul that with this family, he might not be her only brother, or telling Kitty that if she wants to move books, she should sell the sizzle and not the steak (“I mean look at Ann Coulter. She sells millions of books, and believe me, there ain’t noprotein in that package”). Roger said he’s the kind of man who likes a challenge, and the look he gave Nora as she corrected the amount of counter space in the center’s kitchen was electric. But I fear he’s also the kind of man who will break Nora’s heart when he realizes that she’s still a challenge after he sleeps with her.

Since Justin’s storyline involved one scene of stealing Nora’s spatulas for his new apartment (snooze), we’ve only got Tommy left to cover. I was really looking forward to seeing Tommy and Saul take Holly down together — since it would give them both something to do on this show — but it looks like Tommy is working solo now. Saul refused to be a part of Tommy’s plan to trick Holly into giving Tommy majority shares in Ojai. It seems Tommy, like his father, has decided to screw Holly anyway. Presumably, he’ll be the sole silent owner of the company that just acquired the land Ojai is about to buy. Without cash to fuel the sale, Holly will offer shares in Ojai, and those, combined with Tommy’s existing ownership in the company, will give him the power to boot Holly — if he doesn’t go to jail. He thinks he’s saving the family business, but I don’t see any of the Walkers approving of him playing that dirty, even with Holly. Certainly Justin won’t, since Tommy tricked Rebecca into suggesting the purchase to Holly.

Okay, your turn. What to do you think of Kevin going to the dark side (of politics)? Of Tommy attempting to oust Holly through any borderline illegal means necessary? Of Nora getting it on with Roger? I just want to forget this episode, and think about next week’s: Walker Walk of Shame!

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