Adam Markovitz
January 11, 2009 AT 08:16 PM EST

Maybe mild disappointment was inevitable–we were all just a little too excited, a little too sure of the guaranteed awesomeness of an SNL hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

And it certainly wasn’t bad. NPH scored laughs right off the bat bashing child star rival Fred Savage (see opening monologue embedded below) and kept us smiling with bouncy characters (the guy from Rent; an exercise instructor, embedded after the jump ). But the sketches never really clicked, and Harris only got a few chances to show off the comic chops that earned him a Golden Globe nod this year for his How I Met Your Mother performance (tune in tonight to see if he wins).

At least he didn’t have to worry about getting shown up by the musical guest and guest stars (We still love you anyway, Paul Rudd!). Taylor Swift gets props for gusto despite so-so songs, but was her guitar even plugged in? And a pantsless Liza Minnelli, while certainly a hoot, just doesn’t pack quite the same thrill as a pantsless Justin Timberlake.

So here’s hoping NPH gets another shot at hosting soon. Because with the right sketches, there’s no doubt that he could be nothing short of legen…..wait for it…..dary. (Okay, it’s funnier when he does it.)

So, what do you think PopWatchers? Was the show better or worse than you expected? Should Neil Patrick Harris get another shot at hosting? Or should they just turn the whole thing over to Liza and the tomato next time?

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