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Pop culture hits and misses

We rate pop culture for the week of January 5, 2009 including Michelle Trachtenberg, ”Cadillac Records,” and Kathy Griffin

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· The bitch is back! Michelle Trachtenberg‘s deliciously vampy Georgina will return to wreak havoc on Gossip Girl
· Great performances, killer soundtrack, plenty of Beyoncé. Please, go see the criminally ignored Cadillac Records
· Julia Roberts and Clive Owen: now steaming up a movie theater near you in the jaunty trailer for Duplicity

· Kathy Griffin unleashes a foulmouthed tirade on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special; world strains to appear shocked
· Yes, we’re watching Rock of Love Bus. No, we’re not ashamed

· Was anybody really clamoring for a Pink Panther sequel? Wasn’t the first one torture enough?
· Dear everybody everywhere, the time has come to stop uploading your ”Single Ladies” videos online.

· Once again, New Jersey is relegated to a bleak pop culture punchline. Thanks, The Wrestler!
· We’ve watched the trailers for this month’s horror newbies The Unborn and The Uninvited at least 22 times, and we still can’t tell them apart.
· NBC’s astoundingly awful Superstars of Dance debuts, eliciting a universal reaction: Mary Murphy, we miss you!!!