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Mickey Rourke parlays Oscar buzz into...Stallone vehicle?

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Mickeyrourkewrestlerchest_lOnce upon a younger time, I honestly wanted to be Mickey Rourke (mostly because of The Pope of Greenwich Village), so I was as psyched as anyone to see him make a comeback in The Wrestler. I was notably less psyched to see that he has now signed on to do a Sylvester Stallone action movie, according to Variety. Not that I didn’t see it coming a mile off. Rourke was great in The Wrestler because he he was able to portray The Ram’s hard-partying, trailer-park brawler as a broken-down, vulnerable man. Rourke did it so well because he’s actually been there himself. The problem, of course, is he can only do that once.

For his next movie, Rourke has to take his puffy lips, crooked nose, and hulking body and find another role that suits him. Pretty-boy leading man is probably not an option, but he could’ve found another well-written and interesting movie, where he plays a villain or, yes, maybe another tough guy, but in a role that allows a bit of subtlety and nuance. And perhaps he will, one day, do just that. Unfortunately, it looks like right now he’s chosen to pay back Sly, who gifted the seemingly washed-up Rourke with a small role in his Get Carter remake, and do the Stallone vehicle The Expendibles, (also starring Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lungdren with Forest Whitaker and Ben Kingsley said to be “circling the project”), which will most likely be a run-of-the-mill actioner created so that Stallone can again prove to the world that he’s still virile. (When’s the last time Stallone made a truly GOOD movie? Though I admit I would kind of dig it if Dolph utters the phrase “You vill lose” to him at some point.) This doesn’t mean Rourke won’t make his menacing character fun as hell to watch. But it’s unlikely to have us saying his name in the same sentence as Oscar, like we are this winter after The Wrestler

Whaddya think about Rourke joining forces with Stallone, PopWatchers? Was it inevitable that he moved on to big money action flicks? What kinds of roles do you think Rourke is best suited for, now that we’ve seen he’s still got the chops in The Wrestler?

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