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A 'Damages' primer

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Ellen Parsons
Alarmed by Ellen’s (Rose Byrne) remorse over Ray Fiske’s suicide, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) worried she’d be a turncoat and tried to have her killed.

Ellen’s mentor, Tom, gave little help after she was wrongly jailed for murdering her fiancĂ© (Arthur Frobisher’s henchmen had killed him, looking for a damning videotape.)

Tom Shayes
Associate Tom (Tate Donovan) quit, taking the Frobisher plaintiffs with him. He caved and came back; Patty still didn’t make him a partner.

Arthur Frobisher
Using the incriminating videotape, Patty muscled the defendant (Ted Danson) into settling for $2 billion, then gave the tape to the DA anyway.

Frobisher’s cohorts had a potentially damning witness mowed down by a car: Frobisher’s married lawyer, Fiske, had an unrequited crush on the male victim.

Ray Fiske
When Patty blackmailed her opposing lawyer (?eljko Ivanek) with proof of his love for the dead witness, he committed suicide in her office.