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Enter the Fray: Holiday cheer edition

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PopWatchers, we made it through. Gifts are opened, relatives are finally gone, and we don’t have to go back to work until (ugh) tomorrow morning. This week’s Enter the Fray is going to be short and sweet, because some of you still have some celebrating to do, and because there’s ham to eat and half a cheesecake to polish off at my house and hells naw is my sister getting the last snicker doodle. With that in mind, check out the most commented-on posts from the past week:

10. Abby West thinks Brendan Fraser is still hot, but worried that studios might think he’s too old to carry the Mummy movies anymore.

9. Michael Slezak admired the hot-ass Damages season 2 promo poster.

8. Scrooged as the most underrated Christmas movie ever. Discuss.

7. Adam B. Vary found a totally fake but totally AWESOME Thundercats movie ”trailer.”

6. You remembered the celebrity deaths that affected you the most in 2008.

5. Get excited, Idol lovers: here’s the Idolatry trailer in preparation for the premiere of AI season 8 on Jan. 13.

4. Not Really Shocking At All (But Thank Goodness) Moment of the Week: Spencer and Heidi revealed on The Hills finale that their marriage isn’t exactly real in the legal sense.

3. Among all the holiday cheer, Mandi Bierly remembered her saddest holiday TV moments.

2. Annie Barrett revealed her TV on DVD-watching schedule for the holiday break.

1. Whitney Pastorek’s family can’t live without John Denver & The Muppets’ A Christmas Together. You shared your essential Christmas albums here.