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Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman starring in a 'Thundercats' movie?!?!

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OMG you guys! I just saw the most amazingest “trailer” ever for the “new” Thundercats “movie,” “starring” Brad Pitt as Lion-O, Hugh Jackman as Tygra, and Vin Diesel as Panthra! Check it out below! Thundercats, HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Although, yes, there is an actual Thundercats movie that’s supposedly in the works (though it would be all CGI…darnit), this trailer is just a brilliant, hysterical, horrifying, and sublime mash up of tons of other movies, with some clever Photoshopping to boot. I caught clips from Troy, Stargate, The Chronicles of Riddick and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. What movies did you see tucked inside these 2 minutes and 32 seconds of kitchy greatness?