Mandi Bierly
December 19, 2008 AT 08:15 PM EST

When you get a press release with the above headline, you don’t expect it to be from a legitimate news source. Which is why we loved this one from CBS’ Sunday Morning. On the Dec. 21 show (9 to 10:30 a.m ET), Dustin Hoffman takes correspondent John Blackstone on a tour of the theater he helped build at Santa Monica College, which the Oscar winner attended for one year. “Hoffman declined to have the theater named after him, opting instead to lend his name to a different kind of facility,” the release reads. “I said, ‘name a toilet,'” Hoffman says. “There’s not an actor in the world that would not want a toilet named after him as long as the toilet is backstage. As an actor you’re always in the wings and suddenly you gotta go.”

Is this restroom (pictured), the best thing ever to be named after a celebrity? And what in the world of pop culture would you want named after you? Off the top of my head…I would go with Seeley’s sock drawer on the set of Bones.

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