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Movie marriages made in heaven -- and hell

Jack and Wendy Torrance from ”The Shining” and Rod and Marcee Tidwell from ”Jerry Maguire” are some of the loving (and homicidal) big-screen couples over the years

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Where does Kate and Leo’s new duo fall in the history of movie couples? A look at loving (and homicidal) pairings past.


In The Shining, Jack and Wendy Torrance’s uneasy marriage gets the ax at the Overlook Hotel.

Divorce is a death sport for Oliver and Barbara Rose in The War of the Roses.

Suburban life on Revolutionary Road undoes Frank and April Wheeler.

Assault weapons reignite the spark for husband-and-wife assassins Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Sex therapist Roz and hubby Bernie live up to their last name as often as possible in Meet the Fockers.

Jerry Maguire‘s blissfully married Rod and Marcee Tidwell really did complete each other.