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Enter the Fray: Jeff Probst, Jennifer Aniston, and ''J In My Pants''

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Probstaniston_lIt’s Friday, time for another edition of Enter the Fray! This week begins with honorable mentions to two EtF runners-up: ”J in my Pants” and the proposed Full House remake.

Frankly, I just wanted an excuse to link to SNL‘s ”J In My Pants,” since Whitney Pastorek beat me to the punch in posting about it (and I love that I got to write ”J In My Pants” in legitimate work emails). As for Full House, I’ve seen pretty much every episode ever at least four times, but I’m still wondering what actually did happen to predictability. Bring it on! Bonus remake side effect: Jodie Sweetin gets some work.

Just a couple more comments and both posts could’ve made the top ten. Better luck next time!

This week’s Fray:

10. Alynda Wheat subbed for Michael Slezak in this week’s Brothers & Sisters recap.

9. In defense of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia: Jami Lundborg has four reasons why the movie was awesome. And I agree with all of them!

8. Legendary pinup queen Bettie Page died yesterday at age 85. As Mike Bruno said earlier: they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

7. Apparently Bill Murray has been hanging out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, lofts with hipster rockers MGMT, cleaning up spilled beer bottles. Hey Bill, I live nearby, want to help clean up after my next party?

6. Jay Leno isn’t making his exit from NBC just yet — he’s just moving to an earlier time slot. Tanner Stransky asked what you want to see on the new show. I say: Headlines. Every night.

5. Boston Legal bid adieu. We remembered our favorite moments from the series,and recapped the final episode.

4. Ken Tucker lamented the TV folks snubbed by Thursday’s Golden Globe nominations.

3. In true awards season spirit, Jeff Probst blogged about Survivor’s ”Best Performance by a Duo in a Reality Competition Series About Adventure That Takes Place in Exotic Locations and is Hosted by a Dashing Fella With a Keen Way About Him.”

2. Chris Weitz will direct the Twilight sequel, New Moon. Amy Wilkinson wondered if it mattered whether Summit chose a woman or a man to follow in Catherine Hardwicke’s footsteps.

1. Last but not least, Mike Bruno got over his hatred of Friends and listed the reasons why he loves Jennifer Aniston. (I’m sure the provocative GQ cover helped a little.)