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Do reality shows really help?

Do reality shows really help? — ”Secret Millionaire” and ”Celebrity Rehab” are among the reality shows that allegedly help people

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With its open checkbook, Fox’s Secret Millionaire (finale airs Thursday, 8 p.m.) appears to be making a positive impact. But how much do these wannabe righteous reality shows actually care about helping?

Wants to Help

Secret Millionaire
The nation’s last few rich folks drop incognito into needy areas and lavish money on a deserving few.
Force for good?
Its heart is in the right place — next to its wallet. Such empathy is shocking coming from the network that made The Swan.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Ty Pennington’s crew gets hard-luck families right where they live.
Force for good?
With all the tears, it sure seems like it. But pricey renovations can put some winners in tricky tax loops, which may only lead to more tears.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
C-listers try to kick their nasty habits with Dr. Drew’s therapy and an audience.
Force for good?
Every on-camera breakthrough is colored by the knowledge that these patients love to be on camera, which may be their worst addiction.

Rock of Love Charm School
Sharon Osbourne teaches etiquette to reality rejects.
Force for good?
Hardly. These Eliza Do-nothings put the ”pig” in Pygmalion. They can’t hold their liquor, much less a conversation — which, naturally, is the point.

Wants to Hurt