Tanner Stransky
December 11, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Yesterday, Desperate Housewives, in effect, got reelected for another term. Four more years! According to reports — although the deal isn’t sealed yet — creator Marc Cherry is supposedly in talks to extend the series for four more seasons beyond this May, taking it through the end of the 2012-2013 season.

It’s an interesting change because just last spring, Marc Cherry was adamant that he would leave the series at seven seasons: “Idon’t want to be one of those series that goes on and on and on and bythe time it finishes up its run, no one cares anymore,” he told EW’s Jennifer Armstrong. ”Thegreat thing about The Mary Tyler Moore Show was that we missed it whenit went away. I feel like I already had my down year, season 2, and nowI’m trying to protect the memory.”

But that cut-off date seems to have gone out the window now. And that’s likely because of the show’s creative resurgence this season, which fast-forwarded five years and provided five years of delicious secrets for the show’s writers to slowly unearth. Hi, Dave Williams storyline this season! And, with Grey’s Anatomy sagging so much in the ratings, Desperate has become ABC’s top scripted show and is behind only Dancing With the Stars as the net’s No. 1 series. That’s pretty impressive for a show in its fifth season.

But, PopWatchers, how do you feel about four more seasons of Desperate Housewives? Do you think the producers have it in them to churn out that much more story? Will we have to do yet another flash-forward in a season or two? What would you like to see the ladies of Wisteria Lane do in the next few years?

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