Mandi Bierly
December 11, 2008 at 11:59 PM EST

There’s a dangerous time to have friends who are as pop-culturally obsessed as you are, and that’s when you decide to see a movie en masse. I was reminded of this fact yesterday when, after reading my post on the movie title Hot Tub Time Machine, my friend Robb IM’d me, “Seriously. Hot Tub Time Machine? I’m TOTALLY seeing that in the theater with you.” I realized he was right: It’s exactly the kind of movie we’d end up seeing for someone’s birthday because it was the only film no one in the group had already bought a ticket to. The most notorious Default Movie excursion I’ve been party to involved Deliver Us From Eva (pictured), which, happily, everyone celebrating my friend Sheila’s 30th birthday in 2003 quite enjoyed.

Your turn. I’m guessing you have a Default Movie story (rental-variety also accepted) — does it have a happy ending, too? If you’ve never experienced a Default Movie situation, how do you and your friends negotiate?

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